West Riding of Yorkshire/Lancashire Boundary

On Saturday 19th May, Saddleworth White Rose Society (SWRS) arranged for new signs to be unveiled to mark the ‘Traditional’ county boundary between Lancashire & the West Riding of Yorkshire, on the A669 at the boundary of Lees & Springhead, at a location appropriately known as ‘County End’. County End is also the postal address of nearby houses.

The signs were mounted on stone plinths constructed of reclaimed local stone. The unveiling was carried out by the Mayor of Oldham Metropolitan Borough, Richard Knowles, assisted for the Yorkshire sign by the Chairman of Saddleworth Parish Council, Bill Cullen, and for the Lancashire sign assisted by Borough councillor Cllr. Val Sedgwick.

The event was attended by Debbie Abrahams M.P. (Oldham East & Saddleworth), other borough councillors, members of the public and representatives from both Friends of Real Lancashire (FoRL) & SWRS.

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3 Responses to West Riding of Yorkshire/Lancashire Boundary

  1. John van Rheede Toas says:

    Unfortunately all those people born after 1974 have been brainwashed into accepting what the Government put into place – ridiculously named areas areas like Greater Manchester. Sadly people are not really bothered these days by the clandestine removal of this country’s heritage – well let me tell you that I was born in the West Riding of Yorkshire and I am proud of it. We should be bothered and must at all costs re-instate these historical boundaries before they are lost forever. Equally all Lancastrians should be proud and if you are from Oldham you should be a proud Lancastrian not some kind of extended Mancuniun!

  2. No one can take away your cultural affinity, but understand this: you cannot draw boundaries based on something as subjective as culture. That groups of you are wasting time dishing out mis-information about our contemporary geography, is real sad indicment on society, and the politcians posing in the photograph above.

    What do you gain by sticking up that sign? Telling someone who lives under Oldham council area, that they’ve more in common with the City of York or Huddersfield than Manchester?

    It’s 25 miles from High St in OL3 to Huddersfield, and 13 miles from the same place to Manchester city centre.

    Promote geographical history, and obscure cultural practises by all means, but don’t pretend that Greater Manchester is not a more relevant entity to the modern world than ancient Yorkshire.


  3. The signs are to mark the boundary that has existed between Yorkshire and Lancashire for over 1,136 years and continues to exist.
    This is not mis- information it is geographical fact.
    Thank you for your comment.

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