North Riding Flag Finalists – Voting Commences

The finalists for the North Riding flag competition were announced today in the Teesdale Mercury

Design A

Yorkshire North Riding Flag [Final A]

The flag is a derivative of the North Riding coat of arms with the Yorkshire roses, with the basis, the St. George’s cross. The blue field reflects the Yorkshire flag.

Design B

Yorkshire North Riding Flag [Final B]

The blue represents the River Tees and the North Sea. The green represents the North Yorkshire Moors and the dales of the North Riding. The red represents the North Riding coat of arms. The rose represents Yorkshire. The ship represents the North Ridings greatest son Captain Cook.

Design C

Yorkshire North Riding Flag [Final C]

The design reflects the coat of arms of the North Riding County Council. The “Yorkshire flag” blue displays 3 roses to represent the 3 Ridings. The red cross emphasises the North Riding’s joint English and Nordic heritage, it also reflects the flag of St George. NB: This flag has a white background.

Design D

Yorkshire North Riding Flag [Final D]

A yellow edged blue cross recalls the pattern of the arms borne by the North Riding Council from 1928-1974 and the colours of the arms (yellow stars on a blue background) attributed to local saint, Wilfrid an important figure in the region’s early history. The cross is set against a green field and in combination the three colours allude to the North Riding’s natural features; the green representing the large tracts of the famed North Yorkshire Moors National Park, while the blue and yellow reflect the North Sea coastline and such rivers as the Swale, Tees and Esk. The rose represents Yorkshire and also featured on the coat of arms of the former North Riding Council.

Design E

Yorkshire North Riding Flag [Final E]

The rose represents Yorkshire. The blue field represents the North Sea. The white on the green field represents the rivers crossing the hills, moors and dales.

Design F

Yorkshire North Riding Flag [Final F]

The red cross and field represents the North Riding coat of arms. The rose represents Yorkshire. NB: This flag has a white background.


The voting starts today and will close on Tuesday 2 April. The winning flag will be registered in the Flag Institute’s UK Flag Registry.

The first North Riding flag will then be taken to the extreme points of the North Riding.

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