West Riding Flag – Voting Final Week

Voting for the West Riding flag closes on Tuesday 23 April. Dont forget to vote!

Design A

West Riding Flag Design A

The flag shows the cross of St. George, the historic symbol of England, with the vertical band off-centre to the left, in the format adopted by most Scandinavian countries. This reflects Yorkshire’s Anglo-Scandinavian heritage, the county having been settled and ruled by Norwegians and Danes in the eighth and ninth centuries. Placed at the centre of the cross is the traditional white rose of Yorkshire, in use since the fourteenth century, shown against a blazing sun, a heraldic combination known as a “rose-en-soleil”. The same combination of “rose en soleil” device and red and white colours appeared in the arms of the former West Riding Council of 1889-1974. NB: This flag has a white background.

Design B

West Riding Flag Design B

The 3 blue triangles at the bottom of the flag represent the 3 Ridings. The rose represents Yorkshire. The yellow and blue triangles represent the “sun in splendour” against a blue sky. The “sun in splendour” was used as a symbol of the House of York in the times of Edward IV and Richard III.

Design C

West Riding Flag Design C

The alternating stripes recall the banner of St Oswald and the Kingdom of Northumbria, which is a reference to the territory of Elmet which was a predecessor of the West Riding. The green and yellow recall the colours of the Kingdom of Gwynedd and their alliance to Elmet. The colours also recall the green of the natural wealth and the gold of the industrial wealth.

Design D

West Riding Flag Design D

The design reflects the coat of arms of the West Riding County Council. The “Yorkshire flag” blue displays 3 roses to represent the 3 Ridings. The red field comes from the colour of the standard used by the County Council. The “rose en soleil” was adopted by the Yorkist King Edward IV.

Design E

West Riding Flag Design E

The rose represents Yorkshire. The blue field represents the Yorkshire flag to provide a link with the overall county. The red represents the historical colour of the West Riding.

Design F

West Riding Flag Design F

The black cross represents the coal mining areas with a white border to represent the historical links of the West Riding to wool production. The rose represents Yorkshire. The gold represents corn, rape and the sun. The green represents the Pennines, moors and valleys. The blue represents the rivers and canals that played a key role in the industries. The silver represents the steel industry.

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