West Riding Flag – Winning Design

We are pleased to announce that the winning design of the West Riding flag competition was designed by Michael Faul from York.

West Riding Flag

The flag is described as: “The flag shows the cross of St. George, the historic symbol of England, with the vertical band off-centre to the left, in the format adopted by most Scandinavian countries. This reflects Yorkshire’s Anglo-Scandinavian heritage, the county having been settled and ruled by Norwegians and Danes in the eighth and ninth centuries. Placed at the centre of the cross is the traditional white rose of Yorkshire, in use since the fourteenth century, shown against a blazing sun, a heraldic combination known as a “rose-en-soleil”. The same combination of “rose en soleil” device and red and white colours appeared in the arms of the former West Riding Council of 1889-1974.”

The flag was unfurled this morning outside the Civic Hall, Millennium Square, Leeds by myself and Council Bernard Bateman, Chairman of North Yorkshire Council. The unfurling was also attended by the Councillor Alan Barry, Chairman of Cumbria Council and Councillor Claude Mole, the Chairman of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

At the unfurling  the opening speech outlined the background to the West Riding flag. Although the designer of the flag, Michael Faul, was unable to attend his address was read by Ian Sumner from the Flag Institute.

The following messages where received from Civic Leaders unable to attend the unfurling:

  • Calderdale – Mayor of Calderdale, Councillor Ann Martin:“With regret, I am unable to attend the West Riding flag unfurling ceremony in Millenium Square, Leeds, however, I am delighted to send greetings from Calderdale on this occasion.”
  • Doncaster – Civic Mayor of Doncaster, Councillor Christine Mills: “I wish you success with your flag unfurling”
  • Leeds –  Lord Mayor of Leeds: “Sends his best wishes and hopes your event is successful”
  • Oldham – Mayor of Oldham: “It is with regret that I am unable to attend the unfurling of the West Riding Flag.  May I take this opportunity, on behalf of the people of Oldham, to send best wishes for what I am sure will be a wonderful occasion.”
  • Rotherham – Deputy Mayor of Rotherham, Councillor Barry Dodson: “Best wishes to you for a successful and enjoyable event”
  • Sheffield – Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Vickie Priestley: “I am sorry that I cannot be with you today for the unfurling of the first West Riding flag but send my best wishes to all involved in this special event for a successful and enjoyable day.”

Barnsley, Bradford, Kirklees, Lancashire, Wakefield, York councils made no comment.

Purchasing West Riding Flags

The first West Riding flag was made by Flying Colours of Knaresbrough. Printed and hand-made West Riding flags can now be purchased from them.

World Flag Shop expect delivery of polyester economy West Riding flags in June. They will be 5ft x 3ft and cost – £7.50 + p&p

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