West Riding Day – Voting Commences

As the DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) have confirmed they are willing to fly all the Ridings flags from Elland House (Local Government HQ) the process of establishing Riding Days has started.

West Riding Day

West Riding Flag

The following shortlist for a West Riding Day has been drawn up:

A public vote is launched today and will conclude on Sunday 30 June.

All Civic Leaders of the 15 councils that administer the West Riding have been invited to circulate the West Riding Day vote to their respective networks.

North Riding Day

North Riding Flag

Following a discussion with regards the North Riding Day with Councillor Bateman, Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council, the consensus of opinion is that as both the Battle of the Standard and also the Battle of Bosworth Field, at which the last Yorkist King, Richard III was killed, took place on 22 August this date would be the most appropriate to be the North Riding Day.

As the North Yorkshire County Council administer the vast majority of the North Riding we welcome the support given by Councillor Bateman.

East Riding Day


East Riding Day is on 24 August

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