North Riding – World War One

Confusion over the area of the North Riding administered by Durham Council was a factor in holding the North Riding flag unfurling at the Strathmore Arms. By unfurling the North Riding flag at the most Northerly pub in the North Riding and Yorkshire in an area administered by Durham Council it was hoped that the confusion would have ceased.

Tykes Way - Most Northerly Point - North Riding and Yorkshire (2)

This proves not to be the case. Last Thursday Durham Council announced they had received initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the World War One in County Durham project. They duly made a Press Release.

In the press release they stated: This project will cover the historic county of Durham between the Rivers Tyne and Tees and the area in the south west of the present county that was in North Yorkshire during WW1.”

This is incorrect as North Yorkshire is an administrative area and did not exist until 1974, 60 years after the start of WW1, as such it was impossible for the area to be in North Yorkshire as North Yorkshre did not exist. This should state North Riding or possibly North Riding of Yorkshire.

Following an email Durham Council have now changed the Press Release.

For those who are still confused the above photo of Tyke’s Way, the most northerly point of the North Riding and Yorkshire, overlooks the River Tees. North of the River Tees is County Durham and South of the River Tees is the North Riding and Yorkshire. Simple.

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