City of York Flag – Competition Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the City of York flag competition. Yorkshire has three constituent parts, the three Ridings and the City of York. As earlier this year flags have been established for the East Riding, North Riding and West Riding it is now appropriate to establish a flag for the City of York. Although the City of York has a Coat of Arms this may only be used by the Council.

Coat of Arms - City of York

A flag for the City of York will be the first flag for any city or town in Yorkshire and complete the “Yorkshire Standard”.

“Yorkshire Standard”

The Yorkshire Standard

As Yorkshire is the three Ridings and the City of York, by establishing a City of York flag it will then be possible to create a “Yorkshire Standard”. Although there are 92 counties in the UK no county has a standard. The “Yorkshire Standard” will be the first for any county. In effect the “Yorkshire Standard” will be a geographical Yorkshire flag.


Civic leaders, City of York representatives and a representative of the Flag Institute will be invited to sit on the assessment panel.

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