Yorkshire Flag Outrage

On Yorkshire Day Yorkshire folk will be flying the Yorkshire flag across God’s Own County, or will they?


In July 2008, the Yorkshire flag was registered on the UK Flag Registry by the Yorkshire Ridings Society. The blue registered is Pantone 300 but in recent years cheap inferior imports have meant that the blue has changed to a pastel blue, as can be seen below in the picture of the Yorkshire flag flying outside the Department for Communities and Local Government Head Quarters in London.


If the same was to happen to the Union Jack the red would now be pink and there would be a national outcry. So why are us Yorkshire folk accepting the erosion of our flag and with it our cultural heritage?


You would expect that the Yorkshire Ridings Society would be “actively working to preserve the integrity of Yorkshire”. Sadly they are not only selling the pastel blue flags instead of the Pantone 300 flags, but to celebrate Yorkshire Day this year they are attempting to create what is expected to be a ring of pastel blue Yorkshire flags around the Yorkshire boundary. One can only despair at the very thought.

Having recently helped to establish the Ridings flags, turning a blind eye to the erosion of our Yorkshire cultural heritage is not an option. It is now time to correct the wrong that is being done to our Yorkshire flag before next year’s Yorkshire Day and the Tour De France. We doubt the French would accept such an insult to their flag.

We are pleased to say that the Flag Institute, who are the custodians of the UK Flag Registry, have confirmed that they encourage flag makers to manufacture flags to a good standard that accurately  reflect both the design and colours of the accepted design, as recorded in the Flag Registry.

The recently purchased flag (see above) from Flying Colours is an example of what the Yorkshire flag should look like.

The Good Guys

Having discussed the debacle with World Flag Shop, who stock over one million flags, we are delighted to announce that by late summer they will stock Pantone 300 economy Yorkshire Flags for only £6.25 plus p&p. World Flag Shop must be congratulated for playing their part in saving our Yorkshire culture.

Useful Information

History of the Yorkshire Flag

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