East Riding Day – Council Snub

As expected the East Riding of Yorkshire Council have snubbed East Riding Day and Malcolm Sims, Director of Corporate Resources, has not even had the courtesy to respond as promised. As such the following email has been sent to him:

“Dear Mr Sims,

Despite receiving your assurance on Monday 12th August that you would reply to me in full prior to August 24th, I am disappointed not to have received your response to my request for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to fly the East Riding flag on East Riding Day (today).

The East Riding flag is being flown today from Whitehall in celebration of East Riding Day. In addition the new North and East Ridings flags were endorsed this week by Secretary of State Eric Pickles, in his forward to the new guide Creating Local & Community Flags  and subsequent press release.

This clearly demonstrates that East Riding Day is now an official day and endorses the work that the East Riding of Yorkshire Society and myself have been involved in to promote the cultural heritage of the East Riding.

It was disappointing to see that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council chose not to be represented at the official North Riding Day and civic lunch in Northallerton on Thursday, as had they done so, they would have witnessed first hand the enormous potential that such a day generates.

I look forward to hearing from you with your response as promised on 12th August.

Kindest Regards,


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