Inaugural North Riding Day – 22 August 2013

The inaugural official North Riding Day and Civic Luncheon was held at County Hall, Northallerton on Thursday 22 August. The event was attended by Civic Leaders from across the North Riding including the Lord-Lieutenant, Lord Crathorne and the Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council, Councillor Bateman. Both can be seen applauding the raising of the North Riding flag below.

Official North Riding Day 2013

At the same time a North Riding flag was also being flown from the Secretary of State’s Office, Department for Communities and Local Government (HQ of Local Government), Eland House, London by Charles Ashburner and Graham Bartram from the Flag Institute and Helen Edwards, Deputy Permanent Secretary and Director-General (Localism), Department  for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

North Riding Flag - DCLG

This coincided with the launch of the Flag Institute’s new guide on designing flags  Creating Local & Community Flags at the DCLG. The DCLG issued a press release for the days events.

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