Celebrate West Riding Day

The first West Riding Day will be held on the 29th March 2014, which is the anniversary of the Battle of Towton. I am pleased to confirm that the West Riding flag will be flying from Whitehall on the day.

West Riding Flag

Will we see councils across the West Riding proudly flying the West Riding flag on West Riding Day? Could I suggest that you contact your Local Authority requesting they fly the West Riding flag for West Riding Day?

If you live in Yorkshire south-west of the River Ure and River Ouse you are in the West Riding. This includes Sedbergh, part of York and Goole. Hopefully by next year we will have road signs in place to celebrate the cultural heritage of the West Riding. To make this a reality all that is required is the support of those councils who administer the West Riding.

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